Maintaining Good Sexual Health

Most diseases and illnesses don’t always make their presence known. Most people think that getting screened for STI as soon as they feel something is not right, and they deem waiting for the symptoms to surface to be a better choice. Sexually transmitted infections are among diseases that often go undetected due to mild symptoms that are not easily noticeable by untrained eyes.

Hence, the only way a sexually active individual can be sure that they themselves as well as their partners are safe, is to regularly go for tests for STIs.

Here is a list of the most common type of sexually transmitted infections:

  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Herpes I&II

These are a few conditions that are tested every time you get screened for STIs. Note the diseases listed above are perhaps the most common amongst sexually transmitted infections. To find out more about sexually transmitted infections, we recommend this website.

Precautions for those that lead a sexually active lifestyle

Given that being sexually active has numerous health benefits for an individual, without necessary precautions it can even pose serious health risks. The importance of protected sex in this day and age cannot be stressed enough. We’ve all been in those heated moments where protection is perhaps not even the last thing on our mind, but even that doesn’t undermine the importance of being careful.

Pregnancy and STIs

It is important for women who are pregnant that they get regularly screened for STIs. When a woman gets pregnant, it prevents gynecologists from giving certain treatment for some STIs. And when left untreated, sexually transmitted infections can pose harmful health risks to both the mother and unborn child. Getting regularly tested will prevent you from health complications that could arise if and when a woman gets pregnant.

No time to visit a clinic for STI? Use a Home STI testing kit

Nowadays, as the number of STI cases is rapidly increasing, clinics are often understaffed to give patients timely results. For this purpose, pharmacies and online doctors have come up with an ingenious way to screen for STIs from the comfort of your home. They are rather simple to use as the kit only requires a sample of your urine or your genital swab to determine if you have a sexually transmitted infection.

Misconceptions regarding STIs

Preconceived notions have led us to believe that people with active sex lives that include multiple partners are at a greater risk of contracting STIs. The fact of the matter is that individuals with multiple sex partners who use protection are far less than those few or a single partner who don’t use protection. Meaning, there is no way to predict the likelihood of catching STIs. The best precaution one can take is being consistently cautious with their sexual adventures to ensure a healthy, STI free lifestyle.

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